Posted on Jul 12, 2020


If you're like us then you will be relieved that the Premier League came back - if admittedly, in a bit of a different format. And whilst we all know Liverpool were crowned the winners, it still gives us the joy to watch the latest matches (aside from the fact Norwich got relegated yesterday - boo!) because after a forced back to coronavirus took all of our beloved sports offline for a while, it's nice to have it back - even if it's a bit different. And the same goes for many things. After all, safety when it comes to this horrific superbug is super important. The team were talking here at the AGS HQ about going to the pub, now that they have opened again. One team member has and it was a different affair too, pretty strange was the exact working - but we there is a duty to also support local, struggling businesses after all too. Anyhow - getting on to the matter at hand - due to more sports coming back to our screens, we took the decision this week to review more sportsbooks as we have (naturally) been lacking in that area -starting with this week - you can find out the full review below. What do you think? Have you tied this brand new betting site out yet? It's pretty decent, as our full "real review" explores!
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